Alternative Tentacles Records, USA, is pleased to announce “Decomposition”, the second full-length release by US/UK/German based collective Cross Stitched Eyes.

Their initial releases on Ruin Nation Records and Active Distribution has given them a broader appeal on AT with their Virus 435 matrix number issue.  Recent touring includes Stateside, U.K. and European jaunts, with the band’s alumni including Zygote, Alaric, U.K.Subs, Smart Pills, Anger Of Bacteria and Endrophobia.

Cross Stitched Eyes abstract sounds from anarcho-punk works, intuitively integrating enigmatic sounds, evocative and pummeling sonics.  Following in the tradition of anarchist punk and death rock
(Rudimentary Peni, Amebix, Killing Joke), the album’s noise panels embrace the irrational and visceral shades in music.  While the band’s use of songwriting and musical forms connects its work with historical, democratized expressive acts of their influences, “Decomposition” decidedly rejects traditional copy-and-paste guidelines such as musical conformity.

While at times vaguely representational, it is CSE member Tim  Shapland that has produced all band recording and his technique recalls the simplicity and clarity of The genre’s straight-ahead sound. Though powerful, Jason Willer’s vocal shapes the songs with a random, scavenged appearance like the early 80s influences they dearly love.  Stevie Daniel anchors rhythmic components with industriousness. Formed in Bremen, Germany in 2005, dubbed “The Year Without Light”, mended and added to generation after generation of experience, spontaneously resulting in their initial releases. Where subsequent output does approach specificity, glimpses of progression binds together a core.

On the harsher side of CSE’s spontaneous recording techniques, sometimes described as “hyperactive”, the musical work relates to underground art-forms not only because of its close association with their artistic influences, but also because of its deconstructed presentation as a whole.  “Decomposition” emphasizes a cut-and-paste quality, makes reference to the aggression of collage promoted by radical artists working in similar circles.  Lyrically, it cuts and reassembles societal commentary and new apocalyptic images to inspire.

Particularly in songs like leadoff track “We Follow”, there are reactions to (un)changing lifestyles, vitriolic diatribes…and where punctures are emphasized is this attitude most evident.  Repeated spins are revelatory, like “Animated Corpse”, which contains a depth seldom seen lyrically these days.  At times benign, at others aggressive, Cross Stitched Eyes’ new album demonstrates the complicated relationship between anarchist principles and pedestrian punk rock that artists continue to examine. (J.Lo)

A european version of ‘”Decomposition” gonna be released on vinyl only by Skuld Releases for the upcoming Cross Stitched Eyes European Tour that includes large parts of Scandinavia as wellas places the band haven’t been before.


~ by crossstitchedeyes on February 19, 2012.

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